14 January 2012

Brief Update

Hi everyone!! So sorry for my absence from my blog. My daily life in America isn't nearly as interesting as the one I led in London, though a few things have happened since I returned.

Rather than take the October LSAT like I originally planned, I decided to take advantage of a Testmasters course in Detroit and rather opted to take the December test. This definitely worked to my benefit, as I received a score that I'm both proud of and should help to either get me a full/sizeable scholarship or into a great school.

I submitted my applications last week. I ended up applying to all Midwest schools, as I ultimately decided that being close my family and friends is of major importance to me. I applied to:
  • Michigan State
  • Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ohio State
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Chicago-Kent
  • Case Western
So, the waiting game has begun.

Aside from that, I've just mainly been enjoying time with my family. I've been doing things like cooking and running a lot, and I taught myself how to knit. I know, I'm basically a 93-year old woman...but I like it. Our house is crazy and overrun with dogs as usual, but I love that as well.

The next couple of months will be spent doing law school visits to check out the campuses, law schools, and programs of the schools I'm that should be fun.

I told you all my life is super boring -- I knit and deal with law school stuff. Hence my reasons for not blogging. Anyhow, I'm doing great and I just wanted to send out an update because I still receive emails regularly asking me what I've been up to. :) I'll try and make more of an effort to post here when I can from now on.

Love from Michigan!