30 April 2010

Friday Friday Friday!

I'm so happy it is the weekend! It was a beautiful day here as well, 80 and sunny. I got out of work early, and I'm sort of ashamed to admit it, but I took a three hour nap. Oops, I just lost a lot of sleep in the past week or so, what with the late night west coast hockey games and starting first shifters early a few mornings this week. Oh, and couple that with my normal sleeping problems. So I think the nap was necessary, and now I'm ready for the weekend! My mom is on her way into town, so we're going to go get some dinner at Rose's probably. After that I may or may not go to a block party with my brother. Going to a college party (now that I'm out of college) isn't really something I would normally do, but he put the guilt trip on me that I'm moving soon and need to spend time with him. If I have to do that at young'ns parties, so be it!

Off to go get dressed and ready to meet up with my madre...

29 April 2010

On to Round 2

Well, the Wings absolutely dominated in Game 7, so on to the shark tank we go. I honestly feel very confident going into this round against San Jose. Game one is tonight...getting ready for it!

I finally got an email regarding my Confirmation of Acceptance letter. I guess I have to verify some information on my passport, send it back to them, and then they send over the CAS. So, my mom is bringing me my passport from home this weekend and I will take care of that to hopefully get my letter soon, and then I will finish my application for my visa.

It's good to know that things are on track and getting done. I can't wait to get my information about where I will live, but that won't be until much later this summer.

Off to the gym now...then it will be game time!! GO WINGS!

27 April 2010

Game 7...yikes!

Arrrghhhh...we went to the game on Sunday, and...they LOST! So, back to Phoenix tonight for game 7. I'm a nervous wreck! Hopefully they can pull this one off, because I'm not ready for playoff season to be over!

I finally got a letter from UCL acknowledging that they received my acceptance letter. That's good, but I thought this letter would be different. I thought it was going to have something that I needed for my visa application, but it didn't. Hopefully something else is on the way...I'm going to poke around the website later to see if I'm missing something. I also got an email from the financial aid office, saying that they are waiting for Congress to finalize all the details of the new student loans program that Obama is working on. This whole thing is getting on my nerves big time...I don't have any major issues with Obama, but they REALLY need to get this crap figured out. It is going to be taking effect this fall, so I feel like it is a little unfair to do this to students, who need to get things figured out long before then! UCL isn't expecting answers until late June!

Well, I'm off to the gym and then will be cheering on my Wings in my new jersey! Let's GO BOYS!!!!!!

23 April 2010

Slow News Week

Unfortunately, I have nothing new to report this week. Still no mail from UCL...I'm starting to get worried that they didn't get my acceptance letter. My offer letter said if I didn't hear from them in four weeks (which it has been), to contact them to make sure they received it. So, I emailed over there yesterday. I wish I could call, but my work hours just do not allow me to. I can't even call from my cell phone, because apparently I do not have international dialing. So yes, I emailed...haven't heard anything back yet.

I guess I did do something important - I mailed in all my financial aid and student loan application stuff. I fedex-ed that package, so I'll at least be able to track it and make sure it arrives safely. Hopefully I'll hear back from the school soon.

In other news, the Red Wings went up in the series vs. the Coyotes 3-2 tonight! And I get to go to Game 6 on Sunday. I'm so excited. Last year, I went to so many games that it got to the point where it was such a normal occurrence. This year, games are few and far between since I work and live far from Detroit any chance I get to go, I get super excited. It also helps that this could be the series winning game!

18 April 2010


Yet another weekend coming to a close. On the one hand, it sucks...who likes the weekend to end? On the other hand, it is one more week to check off the calendar before moving, so I guess it's not all so bad! I just really hate Mondays.

My mom, Kellen, and I are getting ready to leave for Katie's bridal shower in a few minutes. I can't believe her wedding is in a month...that came up so fast. I have to miss the first period of the Wings game - ARGHHH! And to think, I'm supposed to be there. Oh well, at least it's just the first round. If this round goes to six games, I'll be at the Joe next Sunday.

Let's go boys! Make me proud today.

16 April 2010

Red Wings WIN!

So that's a split for the first two road games...exactly their goal. Now we need to go back to the Joe and take two games there. :)

My baby brudder turned 21 on Tuesday. I can hardly believe he's all grown up ::cryyy::. We went out to dinner to a really amazing steak house in GR on Wednesday after work. It was SO incredibly good. I wasn't really in a 'big hunk 'o steak' kind of mood, so I got a Thai ginger stir fry. We got sides of mac and cheese and mushrooms - so yummy. It's really nice being downtown in GR when the weather is so beautiful, too.

I'm home again this weekend. That makes three in a row...I'm getting tired of going back and forth, but I've had so many things to do. This weekend is my cousin's bridal shower. My mom and I went to the Vintage tonight for dinner. I haven't had it in a while...those darn sweet potato fries get me every time! Hopefully they'll give me a little more jump for my long run tomorrow.

STILL waiting on my letter from UCL. If I don't get it by midweek next week, I'm going to put in a call to make sure they received my acceptance letter.

15 April 2010


It is positively gorgeous outside in Grand Rapids today. 80 degrees and sunny! I wish Zoey was here with me (she's home with my parents for the week) so we could go for a walk around Reed's Lake. I think I'm going to run down there later though so that'll be good enough.

Work has been crazy this week...lots going on. I requested some vacation time off for the end of June when Ben, Deannah, and the boys will be in Michigan. I didn't even know I was eligible for it. I was a little irritated with that whole process for a few reasons, but I'm not going to get into a work rant on here.

I have ALL of my loan stuff done for the most part - well, everything that can be done for now. I'm going to mail it this weekend when I'm home again. I am still waiting for my Confirmation of Acceptance letter from UCL, which should be getting here any day now.

I can't remember if I posted that I'm training for a half marathon on here or not. Well, I late August. I think it will help me get back in shape, and I really want to rediscover my love for running that I had for a long time. After I hurt my leg last year training for a half, I just kind of gave up on the running for a while. It is hard to get back into, that's for sure, but it is going well so far. I have to get in a four mile run today, then a longer seven or eight mile run on Saturday.

Only 4 and a half more months. Time is ticking away...

11 April 2010

Good Weekend

Well, the weekend is coming to an end, but it was a nice one. Relaxing and quiet, but nice. I have to get ready to drive back to GR in about an hour. I'm timing it so that I can listen to the Wings game on the radio to keep me entertained. HUGE game...this will determine whether we play the Canucks in the first round or not.

Zoey and Molly will be spending the week here at home with their grandparents. I'll be lonely without my dogs all week, but it will be good for them. It should be nice out, so they'll love being able to be outside all day and will be able to hang out with my parents. I'm going to take the opportunity to really get started with my half marathon training. I want to run one before I leave for London. I learned my lesson with overtraining last year, when I injured my leg, so I'll be smarter about it this time around.

I'm going to go to the gym when I get back to GR tonight, then look over more of my loan stuff once I get back.

10 April 2010

Loan Crap Has Taken Over My Life

It's the truth.

I'm fortunate that I did not have to worry about student loans for my undergraduate degree (thank you mom and dad!!). It is all quite confusing to me. I have no idea which lender I should go with, let alone if I am doing the whole process correctly. Sallie Mae, Citibank, Great Lakes, private lenders...??? My head is spinning. Plus there is just so much paperwork to take care of and get to UCL, and on top of that the turnaround rate is just so slow because we have to wait for the mail to get all the way to/from the UK. I'm a little over it right now, but I know the end result will all be worth it. The stress from the thought of having to pay back all this money isn't even getting to me yet...ha, just the process itself! It doesn't help that my mom doesn't know anything about any of this either. She is usually my rock...she knows everything! Excepppppt student loans. Go figure. I'm also sure the whole international school thing throws another wrench into the situation. UCL won't accept electronic signatures like American schools will, so I have to do twice as much work to make sure everything is done correctly. And I have to get all of this done and in place before I can apply for my visa.

Does someone just want to switch lives with me for the next four months? You can just take over this whole moving process, my diet, my workout schedule, and my job. I would preferably like to switch with someone who is living in the Bahamas and doesn't have to work, but I'll accept Hawaii too. K, thanks.

07 April 2010


This week is going by fast! Now, after I say that, I'm sure tomorrow and Friday will be god-awfully slow.

Anyway, I've done  lot of work with my visa application the past couple days. I need to wait to get my confirmation of acceptance letter from UCL before I can finish filling it out. I should be getting that in the next week or so, but I want to hold off on putting the application in anyways so I can hopefully get everything with FAFSA settled. I really don't want to have to prove that I have enough money in the bank to cover my fees AND maintenance would be some outrageous amount like $33,000. Which, might I have, I certainly do not have. Maybe like...1/7 of that, hah.

I'm getting really tired of crunching numbers, oy. I just want September to be here now and have all this crap already figured out.

In other news, the Wings won their last home game tonight! :) We are now tied with Nashville for fifth place, and both have two games left. We NEED to get that fifth spot. Let's go boys. I can't wait for playoffs!!

05 April 2010

A Not-So-Terrible Monday

Surprisingly, work wasn't so bad today! I was pretty busy all day, so the time went by fast. I did have a screaming headache for about half of the day though.

I spoke with FAFSA again today and requested another SAR report to be sent to me. One thing done. I also started looking into my visa application. It will be a lot of work, but I'm going to do a little bit of it at a time. I hope to get it turned in by mid-May. By the time  I turn it in, I have to prove I have $11,000 in the bank. Yikes. So hopefully my FAFSA will be done by then too!

No third-shifter starting tonight...very nice. I'm going to take a cat nap shortly here, and then head to the gym. Back on the grind!

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

What is everyone up to for Easter? I am currently waiting for family to come over to our house for brunch. They're supposed to be here in ten minutes...

My mom and I went to the Wings game last night with Dave and Wendy. They lost in overtime (bummer) but it was still fun. I can not wait for the playoffs! After, we went to this old German pub for was so good! We had potato pancakes for an appetizer, and then I had a turkey burger. And of course we stopped by Astoria (local bakery) - it is a tradition after all.

I'm not looking forward to driving back to GR later...oh well. Last week was a long work week, I don't feel ready to go back tomorrow! Hopefully I won't have a lot of third shift starters this week. Although, I didn't mind getting out at 12:30 on Friday!

Have a good holiday, everyone. :)