15 April 2010


It is positively gorgeous outside in Grand Rapids today. 80 degrees and sunny! I wish Zoey was here with me (she's home with my parents for the week) so we could go for a walk around Reed's Lake. I think I'm going to run down there later though so that'll be good enough.

Work has been crazy this week...lots going on. I requested some vacation time off for the end of June when Ben, Deannah, and the boys will be in Michigan. I didn't even know I was eligible for it. I was a little irritated with that whole process for a few reasons, but I'm not going to get into a work rant on here.

I have ALL of my loan stuff done for the most part - well, everything that can be done for now. I'm going to mail it this weekend when I'm home again. I am still waiting for my Confirmation of Acceptance letter from UCL, which should be getting here any day now.

I can't remember if I posted that I'm training for a half marathon on here or not. Well, I late August. I think it will help me get back in shape, and I really want to rediscover my love for running that I had for a long time. After I hurt my leg last year training for a half, I just kind of gave up on the running for a while. It is hard to get back into, that's for sure, but it is going well so far. I have to get in a four mile run today, then a longer seven or eight mile run on Saturday.

Only 4 and a half more months. Time is ticking away...

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