11 April 2010

Good Weekend

Well, the weekend is coming to an end, but it was a nice one. Relaxing and quiet, but nice. I have to get ready to drive back to GR in about an hour. I'm timing it so that I can listen to the Wings game on the radio to keep me entertained. HUGE game...this will determine whether we play the Canucks in the first round or not.

Zoey and Molly will be spending the week here at home with their grandparents. I'll be lonely without my dogs all week, but it will be good for them. It should be nice out, so they'll love being able to be outside all day and will be able to hang out with my parents. I'm going to take the opportunity to really get started with my half marathon training. I want to run one before I leave for London. I learned my lesson with overtraining last year, when I injured my leg, so I'll be smarter about it this time around.

I'm going to go to the gym when I get back to GR tonight, then look over more of my loan stuff once I get back.

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