10 April 2010

Loan Crap Has Taken Over My Life

It's the truth.

I'm fortunate that I did not have to worry about student loans for my undergraduate degree (thank you mom and dad!!). It is all quite confusing to me. I have no idea which lender I should go with, let alone if I am doing the whole process correctly. Sallie Mae, Citibank, Great Lakes, private lenders...??? My head is spinning. Plus there is just so much paperwork to take care of and get to UCL, and on top of that the turnaround rate is just so slow because we have to wait for the mail to get all the way to/from the UK. I'm a little over it right now, but I know the end result will all be worth it. The stress from the thought of having to pay back all this money isn't even getting to me yet...ha, just the process itself! It doesn't help that my mom doesn't know anything about any of this either. She is usually my rock...she knows everything! Excepppppt student loans. Go figure. I'm also sure the whole international school thing throws another wrench into the situation. UCL won't accept electronic signatures like American schools will, so I have to do twice as much work to make sure everything is done correctly. And I have to get all of this done and in place before I can apply for my visa.

Does someone just want to switch lives with me for the next four months? You can just take over this whole moving process, my diet, my workout schedule, and my job. I would preferably like to switch with someone who is living in the Bahamas and doesn't have to work, but I'll accept Hawaii too. K, thanks.

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