07 April 2010


This week is going by fast! Now, after I say that, I'm sure tomorrow and Friday will be god-awfully slow.

Anyway, I've done  lot of work with my visa application the past couple days. I need to wait to get my confirmation of acceptance letter from UCL before I can finish filling it out. I should be getting that in the next week or so, but I want to hold off on putting the application in anyways so I can hopefully get everything with FAFSA settled. I really don't want to have to prove that I have enough money in the bank to cover my fees AND maintenance would be some outrageous amount like $33,000. Which, might I have, I certainly do not have. Maybe like...1/7 of that, hah.

I'm getting really tired of crunching numbers, oy. I just want September to be here now and have all this crap already figured out.

In other news, the Wings won their last home game tonight! :) We are now tied with Nashville for fifth place, and both have two games left. We NEED to get that fifth spot. Let's go boys. I can't wait for playoffs!!

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