23 April 2010

Slow News Week

Unfortunately, I have nothing new to report this week. Still no mail from UCL...I'm starting to get worried that they didn't get my acceptance letter. My offer letter said if I didn't hear from them in four weeks (which it has been), to contact them to make sure they received it. So, I emailed over there yesterday. I wish I could call, but my work hours just do not allow me to. I can't even call from my cell phone, because apparently I do not have international dialing. So yes, I emailed...haven't heard anything back yet.

I guess I did do something important - I mailed in all my financial aid and student loan application stuff. I fedex-ed that package, so I'll at least be able to track it and make sure it arrives safely. Hopefully I'll hear back from the school soon.

In other news, the Red Wings went up in the series vs. the Coyotes 3-2 tonight! And I get to go to Game 6 on Sunday. I'm so excited. Last year, I went to so many games that it got to the point where it was such a normal occurrence. This year, games are few and far between since I work and live far from Detroit any chance I get to go, I get super excited. It also helps that this could be the series winning game!

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