27 April 2010

Game 7...yikes!

Arrrghhhh...we went to the game on Sunday, and...they LOST! So, back to Phoenix tonight for game 7. I'm a nervous wreck! Hopefully they can pull this one off, because I'm not ready for playoff season to be over!

I finally got a letter from UCL acknowledging that they received my acceptance letter. That's good, but I thought this letter would be different. I thought it was going to have something that I needed for my visa application, but it didn't. Hopefully something else is on the way...I'm going to poke around the website later to see if I'm missing something. I also got an email from the financial aid office, saying that they are waiting for Congress to finalize all the details of the new student loans program that Obama is working on. This whole thing is getting on my nerves big time...I don't have any major issues with Obama, but they REALLY need to get this crap figured out. It is going to be taking effect this fall, so I feel like it is a little unfair to do this to students, who need to get things figured out long before then! UCL isn't expecting answers until late June!

Well, I'm off to the gym and then will be cheering on my Wings in my new jersey! Let's GO BOYS!!!!!!

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