30 April 2010

Friday Friday Friday!

I'm so happy it is the weekend! It was a beautiful day here as well, 80 and sunny. I got out of work early, and I'm sort of ashamed to admit it, but I took a three hour nap. Oops, I just lost a lot of sleep in the past week or so, what with the late night west coast hockey games and starting first shifters early a few mornings this week. Oh, and couple that with my normal sleeping problems. So I think the nap was necessary, and now I'm ready for the weekend! My mom is on her way into town, so we're going to go get some dinner at Rose's probably. After that I may or may not go to a block party with my brother. Going to a college party (now that I'm out of college) isn't really something I would normally do, but he put the guilt trip on me that I'm moving soon and need to spend time with him. If I have to do that at young'ns parties, so be it!

Off to go get dressed and ready to meet up with my madre...

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