04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

What is everyone up to for Easter? I am currently waiting for family to come over to our house for brunch. They're supposed to be here in ten minutes...

My mom and I went to the Wings game last night with Dave and Wendy. They lost in overtime (bummer) but it was still fun. I can not wait for the playoffs! After, we went to this old German pub for was so good! We had potato pancakes for an appetizer, and then I had a turkey burger. And of course we stopped by Astoria (local bakery) - it is a tradition after all.

I'm not looking forward to driving back to GR later...oh well. Last week was a long work week, I don't feel ready to go back tomorrow! Hopefully I won't have a lot of third shift starters this week. Although, I didn't mind getting out at 12:30 on Friday!

Have a good holiday, everyone. :)

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  1. I must track back here and eat my words. My family was only half an hour late, which is like a record for us! We ate on time and it was delicious!!!