15 February 2010

King's College

...I got in!

What a pleasant surprise this morning - I got online and decided to check up on my applications. When I get messages from King's, I eventually get an email but it takes a while to come through. Well, I logged on this morning and saw the following message:

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been made an unconditional offer of a place on this programme.
...(blah, blah, unimportant stuff, blah)...
We very much hope you will accept our offer of a place and that you will join us here at King's."

Yay! It goes without saying that I am an extremely happy girl. I was on the fence with how I thought this application would go...KCL is about the equivalent to the U of Michigan here. 

So where do I stand now? Well, I have to respond to their offer by March 29th. So, hopefully I will hear back from UCL by then. Either way, I WILL be in London later this year! I would be very happy to go to King' is a great program and it is located right in downtown London on the Thames.

Life is good. :)

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