30 March 2010


Once you start blogging about your life, you truly realize how boring it is.

Ah, such is life. Hopefully once I move, I will have much more interesting tidbits to post about so people will actually want to read my blog. There really isn't much point to this whole thing right NOW, but I did decide I want to document the whole journey, so here we are. Until September, ya'll will just have to deal with my mundane life.

Same old, same old today...decent day at work. I had to start a second shifter, so I got out about an hour and a half early! That was nice. It was pretty nice out today - 60s and sunny. Not that I took advantage of that or anything. I was too tired, I slept badly last night, so I kind of just caught up on some sleep. The dogs were definitely happy to have me home early so they could lounge outside on the deck in the sun. Tomorrow (and the following three days or so) are supposed to be in the 70s! I can't wait.

I have to go start some third shifters tonight, and I also have to start a couple first shifters tomorrow. Luckily, that will make for a shorter day tomorrow too.

In other news, I've been good on my diet and I also went to the gym again today too. :) I'm being disciplined and it feels good!

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