15 March 2010

The Wait Continues...

...much to my annoyance. Oh well, at least I know (or do I? - see, this is what kills me) an offer is coming. I just want it IN HAND by the time the King's deadline has come and passed!

Anyways...I guess I will take some time to give an important tip to any other students who might happen to stumble upon my blog who are either applying to or thinking of applying to school overseas. When (and if) you are filling out your FAFSA forms (financial aid), your report will tell you that your Student Aid Report, or SAR, will be sent electronically to your schools. THIS IS A LIE. International schools do NOT accept the SARs electronically. You HAVE to call the FAFSA office and request a copy of your SAR to be mailed to you. You then fill out what you need to and send it personally to the international school(s). I learned this from another girl who studied overseas, and wanted to pass it along to hopefully save someone else some major trouble!

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