24 March 2010


I knocked a couple of things off of my to-do list today. I got to the post office and mailed off my letter to accept my offer at UCL, plus I downloaded and printed the accommodation application and started working on it. I'll finish it tomorrow and mail that as well. Next I need to follow up with the FAFSA office, because I haven't received my hard copy SAR in the mail like I was supposed to. I really need to get all this financial aid garbage figured out so I can ease my mind a little bit about it.

Lately, the exchange rate for the pound has been lower than I've ever seen it in the past year or so. Today it got down to $1.47=£1. I am getting about $900 in taxes back, so I think I'm going to start exchanging some money soon. When I was in London last summer, the exchange rate was about $1.58=£1.

Today was a messy day at work...hopefully the next couple days will be better and we can just get on with the weekend. I might go home this weekend...I need a little change of scenery I think. Plus I miss my parents and Casey. :)

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