21 June 2010


Happy Monday, everyone. Mine was not so happy, but at least it's over, right?

I did have a great weekend, however! My brother and I drove home Friday night after work. I was so exhausted from the week that I passed out at nine, ha! It was so needed though.

On Saturday, I went shopping for a bit in the morning. Then we all got ready and went to the Tigers game on a party bus that night. Our group had about fifty people in was so much fun! I probably (ok, definitely) drank a little too much...I forgot to eat dinner, so that was a big mistake. ha. Oh well.

Yesterday, we woke up and made my daddy a big breakfast. :) Then we all relaxed for a while (read: slept off our hangovers) and then went to the beach for a Father's Day BBQ with some other family. Ben, Deannah, and the boys are in town from Arizona - something I look forward to all year! I don't get to see them nearly enough.

After all of that, Kel and I drove back to GR. It  was a beautiful, happy weekend. Now I just need to get through this week and I'll have a few days of vacation next week.

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