17 June 2010

The sun is out

and I have a smile on my face! :)

It was a LONG day at work today, and very, very hectic. We have so many people working for us right now, so check day gets extremely crazy now. Not to say it wasn't crazy before, but when you have nine hundred people coming in for their checks, with about half of them having some sort of issue with it, it gets to be an a problem. I don't know if I've ever been happier to leave that office once the time rolled around!

But now I'm out, and the sunshine is just beating down today. I have a million reasons to be happy, but one in particular just has me beaming. Tomorrow we should be getting some news that could either be extremely exciting or disappointing!

Now to just get through one more work day...then my brother and I are driving home for the weekend. We're all going to the Tigs game on a party bus Saturday night, so that will be soo much fun! The weather is supposed to be beautiful too. I can't wait.

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