17 July 2010

Accommodation news!

Well, I've finally received some great news! I got an email yesterday afternoon with my offer of accommodation from UCL, and I got into the hall that I wanted. :) I was starting to get a little worried after poking a bit on a UK students message board. The general consensus was that if you request catered accommodation (which I did), it is likely you'll received a shared room. However, I did request a specific hall, but it is an intercollegiate hall so UCL only has so many spots to allocate there as it is.

But...I got in! :) So I have accepted my offer at this particular hall, where I will have a private room with my own bathroom. That will be so nice. The hall is also extremely close to the university, so that is a major plus for me. I'm sure I will appreciate that greatly, especially once winter rolls around. It's also very close to the Uni of London Student Union, which is supposed to have a nice gym and lots of great things such as clubs, restaurants, and organizations to take advantage of.

I put down my deposit and accepted the offer today. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic! So that's one of my "Big 3" to check off the list. Now I'm just waiting for my loan letter so I can submit my visa application. After that, I *should* be pretty much ready to depart!

In other news, last night was Boat Night...always a good time in Poho. I wasn't able to go last year, which would've been my first "legal" boat night, because I was in London. So I was pretty excited for this year. I got to see Manda, one of my best friends, who now lives in North Carolina. I hadn't seen her for two years...that is just crazy to me! I also saw Craig and Mike. :)

Oh, and I'm done with work! I was going to stay through next week, but I've made the decision not to. That place was just too toxic for me and I just can't put myself through another week there, especially when I only have eight more weeks to enjoy the U.S. before I'm gone for at least a year. I don't regret this decision at all. My mom needs help at the club for the next few weeks, so I'm going to work for her there and still be making some money. I'll probably be shuttling back and forth between here and GR for the next few weeks. My main priority is to spend time with both my parents here, and my siblings back in GR, so I'll be in both places. Ed will be here in about three and a half weeks, so that week will be spent in GR and Chicago!

Life is good, good, good right now!

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