29 July 2010


After a successful round of email stalking, I finally received my loan letter...just as a pdf! Hopefully the official letter gets to me by mail eventually, but I think this will do. I was awarded the full amount that I need.

So now two of my three big issues have been resolved: accommodation and money. One more obstacle: the visa (dun, dun, dun)......

I have my biometrics appointment next Thursday in GR, where I submit my fingerprints and do a full face scan. After that, I get allll the materials together (printed online application, application appendix, passport, passport photos, loan letter, transcript, etc.) and mail them off to the consulate in Chicago. HOPEFULLY this process will take no more than ten business days, as "most" visa applications do, according to the website. Though they can, and sometimes do, take much longer. Well, I will have about five as long as I get it back before then, we're all good to go!


  1. Congrats on getting your letter!!! I'm still waiting for mine. =(

  2. i reallllly had to bug them for it. and i still haven't received the official one yet! the lady i've been emailing a bit really doesn't seem thrilled with me either, lol. a lot of people on a forum that i go to for studying in the uk seem to be in the same position too.