23 August 2010


Maybe it was the euphoric feeling that everything is now in place. Maybe it was that I was being completely practical. Or maybe it was just that I'm a shopaholic, sometimes in recovery. But...I just had to do it. I bought them.

Aren't they purrrrdy?

I actually hadn't thought about having rain boots seriously until a couple of weeks ago *palm to face*. They really only make sense, considering London gets mainly wet and muddy in the winter rather than snowy. I have Uggs, which I'm sure I'll wear plenty, but these will be nice for when it's especially wet and sloppy out there. Plus, they'll look super cute with my millions of pairs of skinny jeans!

I was very town between these, the plain red ones, and the classic hunter green. I think I made the right choice...we shall see when they arrive.

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