29 September 2010

My programme

First off, yes - I'm trying to work on my UK English spelling!

Well, I've officially decided what my programme here at UCL will consist of. Technically, it will be a Master's of Science degree in International Public Policy...obviously I've known that since applying. However, there are a few ways to personalise and modify your program, by way of choosing your own optional modules. There are a few compulsory modules, including Research Methods, International Organisation, Public Policy Economics and Analysis, and Dissertation. Then each person has three modules that they get to choose, one from a set of three modules, and the other two from a bigger list of elective modules. Mine are: International Peace and Security (from the set of three), and Terrorism and Conflict Resolution and Post War Development (from the larger elective set).

I was torn between taking the Conflict Resolution and Post War Development module and a British Government and Politics module. However, after some thinking, I've decided that the modules I've chosen form a more cohesive program, having the focus be on terrorism, violence, and development. I think I'm really going to enjoy it. So in the end, I will come out of this year with a Master's of Science in international public policy, with a focus on terrorism, security, peace, and post-war development.

It's actually kind of strange - my American friend on the program, Katelyn, is doing the SAME program. I guess it's no surprise that we get along well...we have very similar interests! It will be so nice to have someone to discuss readings with (because there sure are a LOT) and to study with. And of course, I'm sure we'll fit some pint drinking, coffee dates, and other fun things in there. :) We're actually on the hunt for 'our spot' right know, that quiet spot where you can sit all day with your laptop and books and just focus. I know, some would probably say, "why not go to the library?" Well, the library IS quite impressive. However, the room allocated to Public Policy and Politics majors is pretty small, so it's basically guaranteed to always be relatively busy. Also, as I found out today, they do not allow coffee/tea/beverages in the library. What?!? Don't coffee and tea go hand in hand with studying? The whole situation seems quite contradictory, but such is life. So yes...the hunt continues. I'm confident we'll find it eventually.

As for tonight, I'm going to get another good solid hour of reading and outlining done, then I'm going to head to the gym for a de-stress session. Then it will be back to the books.

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