02 December 2010

Just a couple of links keep you entertained, if need be.

First, the students who are occupying the Jeremy Bentham room at UCL (part of the main Wilkins building) have been keeping a blog here. There's quite a bit of interesting stuff there, including an article from an Economist journalist who visited the occupation. It's intriguing to be able to put yourself in the students' positions. They are also keeping a twitter account, @ucloccupation, if you're up to speed on your social networking!

Second, UCL has taken court action to try to evict the students from the campus room. Details are here.

Third, London has basically been completely taken aback by the minuscule amount of snow that has fallen.  As a native Mid-Westerner, I find this to be pretty silly...though, I know it is all relative. Details here.

Finally, I have started a Tumblr account - a very casual "blog", if you could even call it that, of things that just happen to pop out at me. This could include fashion, news articles (not unlike the ones above), recipes, and the like. It's mainly a blog of few words - I intend to let the photos/recipes/links do most of the talking. It's fun, and it helps me organize things that I want to come back to in the future. In the chaotic-ness that is life in London, sometimes I see things, mean to come back, and just never end up remembering. I hope this will help me combat that! Check me out at



  1. Can't see much of the printing on your Tumblr account. Black print over leopard skin doesn't seem to be working well. Looking forward to seeing more of your new account, though.

  2. Oh no, weird! On my screen, there is a white background behind all the print. I'll mess around with it though.