09 January 2011

Back in Ol' Blighty!

After three busy and wonderful weeks back home in Michigan, I find myself back in my current adoptive home. London doesn't seemed to have changed too much in the time that I've been away, but I'm sure we'll spend some time catching up regardless.

My trip home was just what I needed. I spent time with my amazing family and friends, snuggled with my doggies as much as I wanted, ate at all of my favorite places (the Vintage, Quay St., Coney Island, Electric Cheetah, Rose's, Daybreak, Fishbones, Astoria Bakery...yes, I am fat, move along), cooked on my own a lot, went to four Red Wings games, had a beautifully white Christmas, spent a night at Greektown (where I ended the night up $15, holler), watched Jersey Shore and more episodes of the Office with my siblings than I care to share publicly, and did a million other things that I like doing when I'm home. I think my trip made me realize how much I may take for granted. I really do love being home and with my family and friends. I'm so incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to be here in London, and to have such wonderful friends here as well - but it was nice to be home and be a part of that life again.

Ok, enough sentimental stuff. I flew home Friday night and arrived yesterday morning. Remarkably, I slept the entire way on the plane! I couldn't believe it. I generally have a hard time sleeping on planes.

However, on a less stellar note, there were security alerts going on in London travel hubs yesterday - mainly for the airports and railways, due to a letter from Al Qaeda warning of a possible attack. Police were said to be trained on how to deal with a Mumbai-style attack (from the 1998 attack in the Indian city). I was obviously flying home, and from the airport, I planned to take the tube to Russell Square. Due to the threats, I promised my mom I'd take the Heathrow Express (upon which you must be coming from the terminals at Heathrow) to Paddington, and then a cab to my place. It was more expensive, but it made her feel better so I did it.

Needless to say, I made it back here without incident. Yesterday was spent mostly writing my essays and napping - yes, I'm extremely jet-lagged even though I managed to sleep on the flight. I'm also still getting over the cold from hell that my brother gave to me towards the end of my trip.

Today has been much of the same - though less napping and more paper writing! I have finished my essay for my International Organization class that is due tomorrow, and now just have to finish up my essay for International Peace and Security, though that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I have until Thursday to do that, and then from there my every thought will consist of my dissertation. I have to meet with my personal tutor next Tuesday to go over a dissertation proposal, and I'm still not even positive what I want to write about yet! So, busy busy busy I am.

Term 2 starts tomorrow, at the crack of 11:00. :) I only have one early morning (if you consider 9:00 early morning!) class this term, on Thursdays. This could be a very good thing, if I choose to use these free mornings I have to do productive things like work out and study; or this could be a very bad thing, for obvious reasons.

For now, I'm off to work on that essay. And possibly watch The Office, since I just so happen to have season 6 on my laptop. And definitely eat. Oh, student life!

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