29 July 2011

The Last 2 Weeks...

Well, I've reached the "2 Weeks Remaining" mark here in London. It's crazy to think that around this time last year, I was starting to get things ready to move out here. The year has completely flown by!

I'm sad to say that it's looking like my last two weeks won't be filled with tons of fun moments. Don't get me wrong -- I will make sure to do some of the things I love to do in London, but the amount of work I still have to do for my dissertation feels overwhelming. It didn't help that I had a little mishap with my Macbook last week that left me without it for six days.

As of right now, I'm standing at about 6,500 words written, out of 10,000. I still have to finish and polish up my introduction, add a bit to my literature review and methodology sections, refine my findings/analysis section, and write my concluding remarks and discussion section. So, those remaining 3,000-3,500 words should pretty much take care of themselves, but I have about a week to get through them. I'm also trying to decide if I want to run a certain type of test on my data to include in my paper...I'm leaning towards no, but I always second guess myself.

How boring is this? Sorry. I'm just trying to keep in mind that in less than two weeks, my toes will be in the sand! Yes, I fully intend to go to the beach my first day back...if only to take my sandals off and walk into the water. I feel so landlocked, it's not even funny. I've never spent so much time away from the Great Lakes, and it's a weird feeling.

Another thing to look forward to (besides the overly obvious family, friends, dogs, American food, etc.) -- a HAIRCUT. I feel like a total Shaggy right now, and if I'm being honest, I've needed a haircut since before my family was here. It's remarkable that I could go months and months and months without one when my hair was so long...but at this length, the second it's too long it's just TOO LONG. Thank goodness my madre has already booked me an appointment the day after I get home. :) Priorities, ya know??

Okay, off to write. If I get enough done, I may just get to do something fun tonight. It remains to be seen if that's likely or not...


  1. Wow, I can't believe it's been a little over a year since I started following your blog while you prepared for your move to London! Look how much you've accomplished in a year! I'm so excited for you and I've LOVED reading about your European adventures this past year. I hope you continue to blog once you return home because if not I'll miss your writing! Good luck finishing up your dissertation.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Crystal! I really appreciate them. Also, thank you for reading (and commiserating with me) for the past year! :)

    Just an FYI -- I'm now blogging at, and that's where I'll be from here on out. I'm going to keep this blog active until I'm home again, but eventually will move to blogging over at the other site exclusively.