19 January 2010

DONE...well, maybe

The apps are done! It's a good feeling...and a not so good feeling, all at the same time. I feel relieved that they are done, but now I feel very nervous about getting in, what my references will say about me, etc. So I guess there are mixed feelings. I'm going to stress myself out so much in the next 8 weeks I think.

I'm also still working on deciding if I should apply anywhere else. The good thing about London grad schools is most don't charge an application fee. Crazy, I know! So, there really isn't a harm in applying to more places...except for the fact that my references will have to go through more for me. They don't just upload letters, I guess...they have to fill out some kind of survey rating things like how well they know me, my ability to succeed in school, etc. So, it ultimately IS more work for them if I apply to more places. However, I did mention to them that I may be applying to more schools, so as long as I email them and inform them I don't think they would mind.

Well, I work until 3:30 today, then have to go get fitted for my bridemaid's dress. After that, I think I will come home and research a few more schools. I guess it couldn't hurt, right?

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