18 January 2010

Almost there...

No, not London...unfortunately. But!, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to my applications. I have my references in order: my PLS 422W professor and my graduate T.A. (Ph.D. student) from PLS 100, 200, and 201. I'm happy with these references. My 422 prof will, no doubt, provide an excellent reference. 422 was my highest level class (in political science and overall), as well as a writing class. I got a 4.0, and it was a small class - a bonus at such a huge school. So, it should be fairly personal. I think my reference from my T.A. will be fine...he's a fourth year Ph.D. student that I had in three separate classes. I'm sure it would be "better" to have another professor, but my classes were all so big that it was your T.A.'s that you really got close to and who saw your work ethic and product.

My mom just called me to let me know she found my passport at home. Score. That was actually a worry of mine for a while. I forgot that I needed it for one application, and I hadn't seen it since I got home from Europe in August. Also throw in the fact that I moved across the state shortly after returning...needless to say, it wasn't the most organized move and I still don't know where half of my things are. So, it was a relief to hear she found it.

So...references: check. Passport number: check. FAFSA started: check.

I'm going to go now and double check all of my applications, and get them submitted either tonight or tomorrow! This sounds kind of lame, but it is almost a little scary...once I've submitted them, it is just a wait to see if I get in or not. Eek. What if I don't? I suppose that would force me to wait at least a year and save money and then I could reapply...which wouldn't be disastrous. But, I would much rather just get in NOW. =]

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