28 March 2010

Wings and Spartans FTW

Great sports weekend for MSU and Wings fans! The Wings won both their weekend games - huuuge points! They are now in 6th place in the conference. I'm so pumped for the playoffs. And today, the Spartans won to advance to the Final Four!! Being a Spartan is so rewarding at this time of year...not so much during football season, but basketball season is when we shine!

I'm trying to get back on track with my dieting and working has been good. I got to the gym for the first time in a couple days. I'm going to try and go in before work at least a couple days this week. Hopefully I won't have many third shift starts this week. I do need to talk to my bosses about that though. When I started doing this a couple of weeks ago, we didn't know how many orders this particular customer was going to make so we've just been playing it by ear as far as compensating me for that time goes. But, it looks like it is going to be a pretty regular thing, at least for we'll need to figure something out. For right now, I usually just come in late the next morning, but I would like to work something else out. That's fine, but I feel like an hour of my time at 11 p.m. is worth more than an hour of my time during regular business hours. There is a reason no one else wants to do this. I know they know this too - when we first discussed this a couple months ago, their exact words were: "we will find a way to make this worth your while." So yeah, need to get that figured out.

Tomorrow I have a first shifter starting at  7 a.m., so I'll get out a little early. I like days like that.

Nothing to report London-wise. I wish there was! I am getting so, so anxious about all of this. Reminder to self: call FAFSA office again to figure out where the heck my SAR report is! It was only supposed to take 7-10 business has been much longer than that.

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