19 May 2010

Hump Day

It's hard to believe Wednesday is here (and almost over). I know I'm constantly talking about how fast time is going, but it really, truly is...and it's scaring me a little. I have SO much to do, and it just keeps flying by.

Katie's wedding is this weekend, which I also can't believe. I'm looking forward to going home for the weekend, though it won't be a 'low stress' time. I have the rehearsal/dinner on Friday night, the wedding Saturday afternoon, and the reception Saturday night. Hopefully we don't have to be at the reception very long...I NEED some time to just relax and be able to chill out for a while before starting another week at work. It has been so stressful and busy there lately; I feel like I can't even catch my breath sometimes. It literally felt like I was there for 30 minutes today...but um, no; I worked a nine hour day. I'm just so frazzled. I know it will get better once we hired in another person to work in the office, but that day just can't come soon enough.

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