17 May 2010


So I need to enlist the help of other students or Londoners who may possibly read this blog. I need a cheap place to stay short term for a few weeks in early September, until I'll be able to move into the dorms. I think there is some international students welcome deal going on the week before term starts, so I'm hoping I'll get into the dorms by then; but I want to get to London hopefully in the first week of September, and I'll need somewhere to stay. Any ideas? I've already emailed the University of London dorms, but they stop accepting visitors in late August.

My dad came to GR today to fix some things around the house for us, so it was nice to visit with him. We took him to Olives, which is one of mine and Kellen's favorite places to eat in town. They change their menu seasonally, so there are always new things to try.

Work was crazy, per usual.


  1. Try a hostel. I'm going to grad school in London in September as well at City University London and I'm going to stay in a hostel when I first get there. I stayed in a hostel when I visited London and it wasn't that bad. Look on


  2. I was thinking about that...I just wasn't sure if it would be ok with all the crap I'm going to have with me! I'll look into it though, thanks :)