16 May 2010


It is too gorgeous out today. 'Too gorgeous' meaning you feel guilty if you stay inside for more than 10 minutes at a time. Even that is pushing it.

Sorry for the crappy quality, as this is just a picture from my Blackberry, but it gives a decent idea. :) This is the lake Zoey and I have been walking around - Reed's Lake. It's down the road from our house.

Miss Zoey and I went for a walk around the lake again today to take advantage of this fantastic weather. I could tell she was still a little tired from yesterday's walk...she wasn't walking quite as fast. She's passed out up in Kellen's room, her favorite place to sleep. I don't think she's even going to notice when I slip out to go to the gym for a half hour.

Why does the weekend have to go by SO fast? I'm really not looking forward to work this week. As of right now, we have two job fairs scheduled, and there may be more. The office is going to be so crazy, and we are understaffed and it just sucks right now. Whoever said the recession isn't letting up in Michigan was WRONG, let me tell you.

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