10 May 2010

Oh, Monday

As usual, the weekend went by way too fast. Kel and I stayed here Friday night and just chilled and watched movies. Then we drove home Saturday morning for Mother's Day weekend. However, we all ended up going out that night and I drank wayyy too much. Oops! I was so hungover all day yesterday! Thankfully, my mom was quite amused so at least she got a laugh out of it. I promised to make it up to her though. :) I love her!

Today was a busy day at work again...I just don't see it slowing down at all anytime soon. I'm so tired, but need to get to the gym tonight. I WILL get to the gym tonight.

No update on London lately...I should be getting my CAS letter soon and then I can apply for my visa. So that's the next step for me!

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