05 May 2010


Today has been SO crazy! I got a great promotion at work, which was so unexpected! With that, I knew I had to tell them about moving to London, so that came out. They understood and were actually very happy for me, so I'm so relieved to have that done and over with. And now I'll get a nice promotion at work (with a hefty pay raise!) for the next three months. After talking with my bosses, I agreed to work through July rather than just through June. This will allow me to save up some more money, so all in all it's a good thing.

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  1. Hi! Came by your blog 'cause it was linked to one of my blog entries. You will love life at UCL and in London! I'm a 21 year old girl from Norway, moved here last September to do art history at UCL, loving every second. (Almost at least!) I had many doubts too before moving, but after 2 weeks London became my home :)

    Good luck!!
    Cathrine :)