30 May 2010

Oh my

That is really all I can say after the craziness that ensued last night. Holy. Hell.

I don't go out drinking that often, but whenever I do, shenanigans seem to follow. My lovely friend Liz came to town last night for the holiday. She went to MSU with me, although I didn't meet her until last summer on our study abroad trip. Her dad lives here in GR, so I get to see her occasionally - sometimes here, sometimes in EL. I love her to death...she is probably the best outcome from my trip last summer, aside from my newly found independence.

Anyhow, she called me up last night and decided it was absolutely necessary for us to get together. We were thinking maybe a Sunday lunch, but, uhh...let's just say we were both in the mood to put our drinking shoes on. So she comes over, we get ready (I dress Liz since she decided to come with literally NO clothes except her dirty sundress she had on, hahah), and get going. Well, the first time we got in the car with Kellen (my sister), she was saying how she wanted to go out, but really needed to work, blah blah blah. Halfway there, after much begging and pleading, we get Kellen to agree to come we turn around, head back home, and wait for her to get ready. Get in the car again, and we're officially on our way.

We went to downtown GR, since the bar scene is pretty decent. Once we got inside, the sister I had to BEG to come out is already up at the bar buying three shots and three drinks. Oy...a sign of times to come! We decided we needed to get decently drunk enough to get out on the dance floor. Now understand, we are not your typical 'put on a dress and huge high heels' going out kinda gals. We were wearing dresses, yes, but we all had flat shoes on. Every single other girl in this place had on major heels, ridiculous get-ups, make up like no other - you get the picture. So imagine our surprise when we are getting hit on by like, every guy there. We were able to successfully deflect most of them (Kel and Liz both have boyfriends), but this one group of guys was very persistent.

So we made our way outside to try and catch a cab home. The aforementioned group of guys approached us (well, actually, they never really left us...) and offered to give us a ride in their LIMO. Haha, yes, limo...home from the bar in Michigan, oy. They actually said they were going to go to this amazing hotdog place in town called "Yesterdog" which is pretty close to our house, so we were like ok sure, we can ride there and then figure something out after that. I won't lie, we kinda wanted hotdogs too.

Well, half an hour later (on a ride that should've taken ten, fifteen minutes tops), we step out of the limo and find ourselves in some neighborhood in the middle of what seemed to be a forest! Whhhhhat did we get ourselves into? Admittedly, this whole limo thing wasn't our brightest idea ever, but we were in a big group and these guys were pretty innocent. I should mention that they were 'friends of friends', so it's not *as* terrible as it sounds. Anyways, we had to beg the limo driver to take us back to OUR house, because we were absolutely not staying at this house with these strange boys and their hot tub they kept mentioning. The ride home was fun though! Instead of paying about $20 for a cab, we ended up paying $45 for the limo. So worth it for the laughs we got from this.

The best part though? The guy that was very into Kellen was probably the most persistent, and would not let us leave without getting her number. In Kellen's efforts to deflect again, she gave him (what she thought was) my phone number (unbeknownst to me!) instead of hers. So this afternoon, Liz, Kel, and I went to the Electric Cheetah for some greasy grub and I start getting some mysterious text messages from my mother - asking if we had gone out the night before?, had we gone to Yesterdog?, did we end up in Cascade? and so forth. We had no idea how she knew everything.

Uhh yeah, Kellen didn't give cute guy my phone number, she gave him my mother's number!! Seriously?? So he was texting her last night apologizing, asking when we'd all hang out again, etc. He also called, and this was at 2:30 a.m., long after madre's bedtime. Good lord. He was also texting again this morning, so I finally broke the news to him that not only had he not been texting Kellen, he wasn't texting me...he was texting our 52 year old mother! HA.

All in all, it was a pretty hilarious night, and the events this morning made it even funnier. I always end up having the best times with Lizzie and my sister. Definitely memories for a long time to come!

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