02 June 2010

HELL on earth what my work life is lately. GAH. I hardly feel like I can take a breath at the end of the day. We are just getting busier and busier and busier, yet my bosses still are not hiring anyone else to help out in the office. We are all drowning, not just me anymore. Drowning. No exaggeration. It is honestly to the point where not even thinking about my beloved London helps that's bad. I hate to sound like such a complainer, but I swear people, if you worked at my employer right now, you would be too. I got yelled at today for trying to take (literally) 1.5 minutes to eat a few bites of a turkey dog. Seriously? It was that or pass out. Newsflash: human bodies need food. It is their fuel to run on.

Aside from that things are going fine, I suppose. I just don't have much of a life outside of work really. When I'm not at work, I'm busy stressing about work. I won't be doing third shift starters anymore though (for reasons I do not care to discuss on here) so I guess that is a bonus. I don't know if I have ever longed for a weekend more so than this weekend.

Still no update on my CAS letter; although, at this point it doesn't matter too much since I can't apply for my visa until my loan stuff is sorted out. And THAT won't happen until later in July. Mom and I talked about my staying in London before classes start, so I will be booking my room for that shortly.

Oh, I suppose I did do something productive yesterday - I went to the eye doctor and got a new pair of glasses. I think sitting at a computer for 8+ hours  day for the past 8 months has really taken a toll on me eyes. My right eye is actually a lot worse than my left, which is odd. But yeah, I like my new glasses and they definitely help with the whole umm, seeing thing.

Overall - not too much in the form of London updates. I'm basically a big, negative ball of energy right now. I'm *trying* my hardest to focus on the good and the future, it is just daunting at times. I AM trying though!

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