27 May 2010

Some progress, at last!

I just booked my one way flight to London.  Now it is starting to feel real. At the very least, I'll be taking a nice vacation!

I got a great deal. I had basically succumbed to the fact that I would most likely be paying $1000+ , at least to fly out of Detroit, after browsing deals for the past couple months. Then I started looking at flights out of Chicago, which were about $600-700, but that's also a longer drive. Then, out of sheer curiosity  I decided to look at STA Travel. I checked that website out last year when I was looking for flights, and also used it a bit when I was overseas last summer, but fares were ridiculous back then. So imagine my shock when I find a *perfect* flight for $380!! That's considerably less than a week's paycheck...go me!

Perfect for so many reasons.

So yes, needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase! I'm leaving about a week later than I *really* wanted to, but the flight was $75 cheaper, and honestly, it will save me about $1000 in living expenses. I can live with that. I'm just super eager to get over there, but one week won't kill me.

Tomorrow I am going to look more into booking a place to stay for the week and a half before I'll be able to move into my dorm. Now I just need to wait for Congress to get off their asses and figure out this student loan business so I can get approved in order to apply for a visa. That's really the last thing I need to do (aside from booking accommodation, but that'll be easy as pie). UCL will be getting trained on the new loan processes in June and I should be hearing from them by July, so hopefully that will give me a good month and a half to get my visa secured.

Oh, and I heard back from the accommodation office today too - they confirmed they received my application, so that is all set. Another thing to check off my to-do list; I love it!! Things are finally falling into place. :)

AND tomorrow is Friday, the start of a long Memorial Day weekend - no work Monday! Things can't get much better right at the moment.

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