05 June 2010

Everyone is getting married

...while I'm packing up and moving to London. Strange.

It truly blows my mind that so many of my peers are getting married. I can't IMAGINE being married right now. Twenty-two just seems so young! But, it happens when it happens and who knows if any of us really have control over that.

Today should be a great day. I want to get to the farmers market for some yummy veggies and meat. There is also an art & eats fair in downtown GR today. My sister and I checked it out a bit last night and there are a LOT of things I want to try! Skewers, pulled pork, ribs...oh my. The art side of it is a bit lost on me, but food is a passion!  Then it is supposed to rain/storm all afternoon/night, so pjs + the couch + a book + a movie + my sister + my dogs just sounds fantastic. Lazy, lazy Saturday after a very hectic week.

Last night Kel and I went to dinner at the Ottawa Tavern. I actually hadn't been there before; it is right across the street from her work building. I've been trying out so many of GR's restaurants...there are so many little gems. This place has particularly amazing burgers, so a burger I had. Then we walked around the art fair a bit just to scope things out for today.

Off to enjoy my Saturday - get out and do the same!! :) :) :)

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