05 July 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, America!

I've been busy over the weekend, so here I am. It was an eventful one!

On Saturday, the family (minus my brother) and I headed over to Holland to go to the beach for a bit. It was a super beautiful day out. Well, since it was the holiday weekend and a beautiful day, the beach was absolutely PACKED.

(sorry for the less than stellar quality, blackberry pic!)

We weren't there for too long, but it was nice to get a little sun, listen to some music, read some gossip mags, and spend time with the family. After the beach, we all came home where my brother met us and just hung out for the rest of the night, watched the Tigers game, and chilled. 

Yesterday morning, we all ran/walked in a race around the lake that is down the road from my sister's house here. I'm dealing with a back injury (AGAIN, after fracturing it almost seven years ago), and my mom doesn't like running, so I walked with her. My sister, brother, and dad all ran and did great!

It was a beautiful day, about 75 and sunny at the time of the race. Well, it was perfect for walking - I probably wouldn't have been too thrilled with those conditions had I been running! I'd say about 55-60 degrees is perfect running temperature.

After the race, we came back and all hung out. More Tigers, more chilling...we also got dinner together which was freshly prepared chicken and steak kabobs, asparagus, red potatoes, and broccoli.  After dinner, my parents left to go home.

All in all, it was a beautiful Michigan summer weekend. :)

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