01 July 2010

Weeeee, Fridayyyy

I could definitely get used to a two day work week. I come in and make it through one day, and what do you know?'s Friday! Yes, yes...could definitely do this all the time. And this particular weekend is even sweeter, because it's a long one. We're closed on Monday, amazingly, so next week will be a short one too. Not quite as short as this one, but every little bit helps. I think my replacement is starting next week, so depending on how well that training goes with her, I may even get out of there a week earlier than anticipated. Although, I could stand to work that extra week too, so we'll see.

The parents are coming over here Saturday morning, I believe. We're all (well, minus mom) running in a 4th of July race around the lake on Sunday. It's a 4.2 miler I believe. After that, we'll probably just cook out and have a good time.

Kel and I have decided that we may head over to the western beaches on Monday - that would be nice, especially since I haven't been to the beaches over there. We'll see though.

Let's all say a quick prayer that tomorrow goes by SUPER quickly!

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