29 June 2010

Why, hello mac!

I totally wasn't expecting this, but my mom and I decided to go to Partridge Creek today for a few things. While there, we stopped in the Apple store to look at the macbooks, which I planned on getting eventually before moving. Well, it just kinda seemed to do everything today - so, hello macbook! Welcome to my life.

So far, I really like it. I absolutely think I made the right decision. It is very user hasn't taken me long to figure out most things. I'm still working on a few things that are just different when going from pc to mac, but I'm sure I'll figure them out eventually.

I must say, I felt like I had to hide my blackberry in the Apple store. EVERYONE had iphones. Sorry Apple, I'm not ready to make that jump yet...I love my berry.

Tonight is my last night here...tomorrow it is back to GR and "real life" for four more weeks. It has been so nice being able to just do whatever I want, whenever I want here. Want to go to the beach all day? Sure, I can do that. Want to swim at 8pm? Why of course, I can do that. Oh well, I have a two-day workweek this week, a four-day work week next week, and then two (most likely) full weeks after that and then I'm DONE!!

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