31 August 2010

And the packing commences...

Well, maybe not quite the packing, but the sorting has started. We've reached the 'under two weeks' mark. Yikes! All of the big, important things have been taken care of. Next I really need to go buy a very large suitcase and start packing some of the things that I know I won't be using or wearing in the next week and a half. Quite honestly, I could get a lot packed. All I really need here is a few tank tops, tee shirts, jeans, and the obvious bras and what not.

Today I went to the bank and got about two hundred more pounds. I'm definitely set for start up money once I get there. Oh, and I also unlocked my phone so it's all ready to go once I get there and buy a sim card.

Oh! I also went to get my blood work done for my thyroid work up. I hope to get those results back tomorrow so if anything is abnormal, I can talk to my doctor and try to get some medication figured out.

As for an update on the headache situation: I *think* I'm in the clear now. I had a scare yesterday - I started to feel a stage one type headache coming on, which makes me dizzy and just a little off. It ended up disappearing this morning instead of progressing into anything further. That is definitely a good sign. Hopefully tomorrow I can continue to be productive and work on the packing situation some more. As for now, off to the gym!

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