21 September 2010

Trafalgar Square (and Covent Garden, and Leicester Square...)

I feel like a broken record, but today was yet ANOTHER gorgeous day here! It is so strange...I've seen maybe three total raindrops in the week that I've been here. I'm definitely not complaining (though the rain doesn't really bother me), but it is odd.

Anyhow, today I decided to venture over to Covent Garden. I wanted to check out Seven Dials, which is a cool little shopping districts with a bunch of interesting boutiques and vintage stores, among the usual large, mainstream stores. It was pretty nice - I definitely see my sister and I spending some time there when she visits in November. She especially likes those types of small boutique stores. I didn't happen to take any pictures in Covent Garden (or Leicester Square for that matter...shocker, I know). I guess I was just in my shopping zone.

After a bit of wandering, I headed over to Trafalgar Square and took a seat in the grass outside the National Gallery. That building never fails to amaze me. It's just so grandiose!

I sat there for a while and read one of the gossipy rag mags that are handed out outside the tube stops. Once I got up, I ventured around the square a bit before walking through Leicester Square and then heading home.

I love the lions. :)

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