21 September 2010

Green Park & Buckingham Palace

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in London, so I decided to head to another royal park to enjoy it. This time I chose Green Park, which is set right next to Buckingham Palace.

I am obsessed with the greenery and landscaping in the's just beautiful!

The gold looked so cool with all of the sunshine on it.

Buckingham, of course. The flag is flying, so that means the Queen is there.

The Victoria Memorial statue outside the palace.

Another kind of cool shot, with the sun hitting it in a different way.

Gardens outside of the palace.

Pall Mall

Buckingham Palace really didn't do a lot for me this time around. I feel like it's one of those things that you really only need to see once, and I did visit it last summer. It was pretty cool to see the Victoria Memorial statue with the sun blazing down on it though...the gold was stunning! Last summer when we were there it was raining, so I guess it was nice to see everything in the lovely weather.

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