19 September 2010

My room

I've had a few people ask me to post pictures of my room, so this post will be dedicated to that.

This is my desk's huge with lots of room to work with, so I love that. To the right of it is a big wardrobe where I have some things hanging, and I keep all of my many pairs of shoes in there.

This is my dresser/shelves where I have 90% of my clothing. The door with the mirror is the bathroom door. I was so happy to see there was a full length mirror in the room!

This is my cute little pink bathroom. Obviously this is the vanity. The shelf and sink provide just enough room to keep everything I use daily in the bathroom...other toiletries and cleaning supplies etc. are in the top shelf of my wardrobe. Oh, and the toilet and shower are to the left, just not shown in this picture.

This is my bed and nightstand area. I plan to put more pictures on that cork board as well...I'm going to get a bunch printed tomorrow.

And finally, this is the view of the room from the main door. The bathroom is to the left, large wardrobe is on the right.

I genuinely love my room. It's big enough for me to feel more than comfortable in, plus I have the added security of knowing that there is someone on reception 24/7 downstairs, and you can't get into the hall with a valid key card. The reception staff gets to know you as well, so even if someone has a key card that belongs to someone else, they would question that person coming in if they don't recognize him or her. Living in a major city by myself, this is very important important to me. Had I gotten my own flat or shared with someone else, I wouldn't have that added luxury of feeling as safe as I do here. Plus, I don't have to worry about cooking for myself! It's the perfect situation for me. I thought I would feel a little lame being nearly 23 and living in a dorm, but my whole floor is comprised of mainly graduate students like me.

I hope that satisfies everyone's curiosity!


  1. Glad to see you made your bed for the pics!! ;)

  2. hmm "anonymous"...could you possible be BARB?? :)

  3. That was the only way I could figure out!!

  4. Hey! I've just been accepted to UCL for postgrad :) I wondered what's the name of your dorm since it seems to be in a such a central location? I'm a bit confused as to which place is the best!