31 October 2010

Borough Market (and a few other pics)

As promised, here are a few shots from our adventure to Borough Market.

About to devour my amazing veggie burger! I see a new addiction forming...

At a jam stand. There were SO many delicious jams...and if you know me at all, you know how much I love jam...ahhh!!

Taking in the general amazingness that is Borough Market.

Also, last night I ended up going out for a bit with Charlotte again. It was another "fancy dress" night, so we just recycled our costumes from the night before. First we met up for a drink in Camden Town with a few of her friends, who also go to UCL but are not in our program. Yay for new friends! They were lovely and I'm excited to hang out more in the future.

Char and I again.

In the hot pink room! We were pretty excited.

After being with Char for a while, I left to go meet up with another friend at a bar on Old Street. We had a good time too. :)

Ok, warning - about to get a little sentimental. It's just crazy to me that you can know people for such a short period of time and genuinely really care for them. I absolutely love my new friends here - I have such a blast with them and I think we all really connect well with each other. I'm pretty much always in a state of laughter...that has to be a good thing! :)


  1. Was the veggie burger from The Veggie Table? So good!!!!

  2. I think so! Oh my goodness, it was fabulous. I can't remember, are you vegetarian?