24 October 2010

Good week!

So sorry for the lack of updates recently...I've been so busy with school work and being social and having fun. :)

Anyhow, it was a good week - classes were fine, I was relatively productive, and of course there was no shortage of excitement. Friday night was probably the highlight of the week overall - after classes were done on Friday, the girls and I met up at a place called Benito's Hat for some Mexican food. Think: Chipotle meets...umm, a bar; but with fresher food. It was super yummy, and they have pretty good margaritas as well. Even the Texan in the group (Ms. Katelyn), who has had more than her fair share of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food in her life, loved them. Well played, Benito's.

After dinner we headed over to the UCL Union, where a bunch of people from SPP were meeting up for drinks. The group was huge! But fun was definitely had by all - maybe a little too much, if that's even possible.

Most of us were feeling less than stellar yesterday morning, so it was a very unproductive, lazy start to the day. Around 4ish, Katelyn, Charlotte, and Abbey came over to my place to hang out for a while. We ended up grabbing a bite to eat, watched the new Grey's, hung out at Charlotte's for a while listening to some old school music, and then we decided to venture out for a bit to go smoke some hookah. Umm, I had never done it in my life! Crazy, huh? It was fun though...we found a cute little cafe that's a bit off the beaten path, and only 2. I think we'll definitely be going back.

I found myself in bed by 11:00, once my hangover exhaustion kicked in. But, I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed, and went to the gym first thing. Go me! Then Katelyn and I met up for a three hour study session...I got four articles read for this week and I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Now to just try and ride out this motivation...

I'm definitely ready for a new week, and already can't wait for the weekend! Our public policy society is throwing a Halloween social on Friday - so I'm super excited for that. I *do* need to work on a costume this week though. Any ideas?

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