29 October 2010


Until about a week ago, I had just accepted the fact that London (and the UK in general) doesn't really "do" Halloween like we do back home. There's hardly any decorations out and about, no trick or treating, no crazy aisles at the grocery stores devoted to bags of's just different here.

But, in a stroke of genius, my friend Charlotte, who is also the chair of the Social Committee of IPAS (our student run society) thought to have a Halloween social as our first event of the year. Brilliant! So tonight is the event - and we are still scrambling a bit to get everything together. It's being held at The Fitzroy Tavern, which has a pretty cool history I must say. I really wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood, but in true Hayley fashion I procrastinated a bit too long and couldn't find anything I needed for it. So, I'm being the most boring and uncreative thing in the world...a cat. Oh well, it was cheap and easy to put together. Charlotte is being a 1940s housewife, and Abbey is a Greek goddess. They're going to look beautiful! Unfortunately, Katelyn and Paloma are both unable to attend, so that's a definite bummer. It should still be a good time though. :)

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