06 October 2010

Wednesday: chock full of good news!

I've had quite a nice little Wednesday here in London Town. :)

I started my day by getting up early to get to the gym. Being back in a regular (or at least semi-regular, heh) gym routine feels really good.

Then I came back to my room for a while, ate some breakfast, showered, talked to my mom on skype before she left for Arizona, and did a few other random little things. After all that, I walked over to Pret to pick up a sandwich wrap and some fruit for lunch, then headed to the library to meet Katelyn for a day of studying...or so we thought.

We decided that we needed to find our own little study place where we can just plant ourselves with our books and some coffee. However, this is proving to be super difficult. First we checked out the Senate House Library, which is very close to my place. Holy moly, it is impressive.

There was a whole signing up and registering process that we weren't really feeling up to doing today, so we skipped out on that idea. We next headed over to the British Library, where we figured we'd be able to find some quiet rooms to study in.

Wrong. You also have to have a membership to be able to use the reading rooms there, and even if you do get one, you can't take pens and highlighters in the rooms with you! Um, okay...oh, and no free wireless. Major negative.

So then we headed to a small public library, which proved to be just as unsuccessful as the first two trips. By this time, we had been searching for about two and a half hours! We were striking out on all accounts. We ended up back in the regular, main UCL library, where (shocker!) the Public Policy room was full. We kinda just searched around until we found a pretty cool room to read in that wasn't too we plopped ourselves down and did about an hour and a half of reading. Not nearly as much as we wanted to get done, but we sure did get a lot of exploring done!

After that whole ordeal, we were both starving, so we went wandering around Goodge Street in search of something cheap, yet yummy and somewhat healthy, to eat. We wound up at a Thai takeaway place, where we got a little container that could fill up with as much stuff as we could for £3.50. It was actually really good...lots of veggies, little bit of rice, little bit of beef. Katelyn got a couple questionable things (which we later found out was duck, looked like cat intestines) but aside from that, it was pretty tasty. 

And here comes the best part of the day. After dinner, we both decided we were seriously craving some frozen yogurt. Now, frozen yogurt in London is not entirely easy to come by. It's a relatively new phenomenon here, so it's starting to pop up in more places and it's getting really popular. But we had no idea if there was a place anywhere remotely around us, so we just wandered...and alas! We came upon Yog, a new frozen probiotic yogurt chain in London! PERFECT! It's actually really healthy - not too sugary, not overly sweet, low calorie, fat free, and yummy toppings. I had plain yogurt with strawberries...delicious! We were honestly in heaven for the twenty minutes we were sitting there. And yes, we did get a frequent buyer card while there...I have a feeling our free 10th Yog will be in the not too distant future.

Once I got home, I found that my coat had been delivered. Yay! - it's been getting chilly. Also, I had an email that my loan check was finally ready for me to pick up.

It was a GOOD day! :)


  1. I felt the same way when I found a FRAE on my street. Frozen Yogurt is just so good no matter what the weather is like outside!

  2. So, SO true! I'll be eating it year round!