10 October 2010


Well, I've had an eventful few days since I last posted! I'm currently in a state of detox, which needs to last for at least two weeks - ha! No, I'm not too bad...I just indulged myself a little more than I normally would or planned to this weekend. But, I must say, it has been a very good weekend and it was very fun!

Let's see, I last posted Wednesday. Thursday was fairly uneventful...I don't have classes on Wednesday and Thursday, which is actually pretty nice. It's almost like having a weekend in the middle of the week - go to a couple days of classes, have a couple days off, one more day of classes, then a couple more off. I like it, I'm a fan.

So for Friday, a few of the girls in my program and I decided we should go out to celebrate being done with our first week. Any reason to celebrate, right? My friend Charlotte had heard good things about a bar called Aqua, which is off of Regent St., so we decided to head there and check it out.

Since it was a beautiful night out, we sat out on this desk up on the rooftop (five floors up).

These are the IPP girls - Charlotte, Abbey, Paloma, Katelyn, and yours truly!

There was a huge bull in Aqua that we all loved - he was very intense.

After a few drinks at Aqua, we decided to head over to a bar called The Moose, which is off of Oxford Street. We weren't there for too long, but it was fun! Interesting aside, and something that I learned last summer - the way to tip the bartenders here is to buy them a drink. So, here is our bartender taking a shot with us!

All in all, it was a good night and I really love the girls in my program. I think we'll have a fun year, when we're not too bogged down with research methods, qualitative and quantitative studies, international security, and our dissertations. No biggie.

So yesterday ended up being one of relaxation...I caught up on my Grey's Anatomy and Jersey Shore (thank you, itunes!), slept, and didn't touch a piece of schoolwork. Oops. In all honesty though, I pretty much have everything read that I need to read for my Monday and Tuesday classes. Now I'll have Tuesday evening, Wednesday, and Thursday to prepare for my Friday classes. Did I mention that I really love my schedule? I do.

As everyone back home knows, the Michigan State/Michigan game was yesterday. I initially planned on staying in, maybe streaming it live on my computer or keeping track on game cast...until Katelyn, my evil partner in crime, pointed out that she found a sports cafe type bar that was playing the game. Um, yes. We're there. Her team (TCU) was also playing, but unfortunately the bar wasn't showing it.

So we go to this place called The Sports Cafe, near Piccadilly Circus.

Hello, new second home. They were playing hockey, American football, soccer (football!), some type of motorcycle racing thing...lots of sports. And I do have to mention the fact that this place was packed with good looking guys...good looking guys who like sports! Perfect. Katelyn and I were in heaven. We're sports chicks - we need this stuff in our lives.

Imagine my happiness when we find out they're playing the Michigan State/Michigan game in a semi-closed off area of the bar, with it's own bar, about four TVs, and a SLEW of Michigan State and Michigan alumni! It was so awesome to be surrounded by people from back home, who support the teams I support...just 4000 miles away! We met lots of new friends, many of who went to MSU and are now living in London doing various things. We also met a few girls from UCL, one who went to MSU and is also in a program in the School of Public Policy - very cool. We had a blast...and it doesn't hurt that MSU womped Michigan 34-17. Denard who?

All in all, it was a lot of fun. We had a bit of a struggle trying to get home on the bus after the game - Piccadilly Circus sure is crazy at about 12:45 a.m. on a Saturday night...who would've guessed?

Today is a beautiful day in London - about 64 degrees and sunny sunny sunny. I'm thinking a trip to Regent's Park to see the fall colors is in order. I'm trying to compile some photographs that I think would be really pretty to get enlarged when I get home and maybe hung seems like an ideal day to get out there and find some color, and also a good way to start my detox. Ha! Love from London! xx, Hay.

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