14 February 2011

Zoey is 4!

I truly can't believe that it's been nearly four years since I drove down to Ohio to meet this sweet little puppy that I had found on It was only supposed to be a 'meet and greet', and if things went well I would be going back to pick her up in a couple of weeks. Yeah, that didn't happen. She came home that night! Her precious little blue puppy eyes won me over, and there was no turning back!

Today is Zoey's birthday, and she's four. :)

This picture was taken on the ride back home.

Six pounds of adorable right there.

Instant best friends. Well...from Zoey's point of view.

Our first weekend together. :)

She's been trying to be just like her hero Casey since day one!

Back when she didn't absolutely despise boat rides. Now they're purely torturous for her.

Before Brett Bob's prom...crazy to think how long ago that was!

She's never been one to be too concerned with keeping her Nanny's couch clean, or with sharing...

She loves playing chase with her cousin and housemate Molly...

...and chilling with her Bumpa...

...and napping.

She's a very good girl who loves her life. I love her to pieces and miss her (and my other dogs too, of course!) a ton! Happy birthday, sweet girl!! :)

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