28 April 2011

Mallorca, in photo

Our first day: a bit dreary, but still beautiful.

I sometimes like to pretend that I'm still five years old.
Bruce & I! He was the pup of the British owner of a bar that we went to a few times -- a very cool, chilled out place.
Charlotte & I, before it got super sunny that day.

Laying out by the pool. Clearly my idea of laying out vs. Californian Char's idea of laying out differs vastly.
Sangria on the promenade.
Said promenade. Lots of little stores, restaurants, bars, cafes...
Lovely beach, and the dock where the glass-bottomed boats pick passengers up.

View of part of Cala Millor, the little town in which we stayed.
Waiting for the boat to pick us up to start our tour!

We opted to stay on the top deck and enjoy the sunshine as opposed to searching for nasty sea creatures through the glass bottom.

Coming into to the beautiful Porto Cristo, a town south of Cala Millor.
The view of the cove of Porto Cristo, as seen from the beach.
I loved how these buildings were built into the walls of the cove. 

We did a little impromptu hiking up those walls...
For this view.
The port in Porto Cristo.
We also did lunch there...followed by delicious sorbet.
And then headed to the Cuevas del Drach!
The view right before heading down to the underground caves.

Finally, leaving Porto Cristo.
 Our last day in Mallorca was Sunday, the day after we did the boat cruise. It was a rainy, dreary a lot of schoolwork was done and photos were not taken!

Overall, it was a really nice, relaxing trip...exactly what the doctor ordered for me!

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