24 May 2011

Current Obsessions:

1. The Casey Anthony capital murder trial.


Opening statements were today, and OH SNAP, shit's already getting real. Up until today, Casey has never admitted publicly what "really" happened to her toddler daughter, Caylee, who she is accused of murdering. Caylee went missing three years ago. Casey failed to report her missing for 30+ days. In those 30 days, Casey partied it up with her friends and was having the time of her life. Caylee's body was found about 6 months later. Up until today, the main speculation has been that Casey killed Caylee and hid the body her trunk before disposing of it. Now, her defense claim admitted (according to Casey) in opening statements that Caylee died at the beginning of those 30+ days by accidentally drowning in the family's pool, and that her parents forced her to cover it up. They're also trying to paint a picture of a highly secretive family riddled with scandals of sex abuse. Defense is claiming that Casey's father and brother sexually abused her from the age of 8, and for this, she is a mentally disturbed girl that didn't know how to react when her daughter accidentally died.

It's already sticky. I'm already obsessed with watching the live feed. This will definitely be somewhat of a problem in coming weeks...

For those just tuning in, here is an article that goes over some of the "bombshells" that were dropped during opening statements. Also, the live feed I've been using has been the one from CNN Live.

2. Pineapple.

Strange, because I've never particularly cared for it before.

3. Lady Gaga's new album, 'Born This Way.'

Definitely good for the running playlist. The above song is an amazing throwback to late 80s/early 90s pop music (Fashion of His Love).

4. Not into the Mother Monster? Never fear...I'm currently also quite obsessed with Arcade Fire's album from 2004, 'Funeral.' That's right, circa junior year of high school. It's just...good. No more explanation needed.

(Song: Wake Up).

5. Season one of 'The Wire.'

Err, well...if you haven't heard of 'The Wire' then there clearly is something wrong with you. It's an incredibly well written show about crime investigation set in Baltimore. I've watched it all before, but sometimes it's nice to have a little throwback action, ya know? 

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  1. sounds weird, but i'm so glad you posted info about the casey anthony trial. when that all came out in 2008 i watched the news obsessively!!! i was always wanting more info, haha. i have to go check out the links and stay tuned!